Information regarding Holistic Animal Therapy Treatment Options

 INTRODUCTION:  We have put this information sheet together to bring awareness to the different alternative modalities and therapies available to help our animal friends.  These therapies/modalities can help with many issues facing our animal companions throughout their lives, from health issues to behavioral issues or as basic preventative.  None of the therapies replace traditional veterinary medicine or veterinary advice, they are only alternative methods of care and you should always speak with your veterinarian before proceeding with or using any form of therapy.  Also, it is advised to speak with someone educated in the therapy of your choice before working on your animal friend.

 MASSAGE:  Sports Massage Therapy helps our friends through the many wonderful effects it has on the body.  Sports Massage affects the muscles, the lympathic system, the cardiovascular system as well as assists in respiration, digestion and elimination.It not only feels great but is beneficial in decreasing recovery time, increasing range of motion and muscle tone, relaxation and detoxification. 

 HIGH TOUCH JIN SHIN ACUPRESSURE:  The self healing art of Jin Shin acupressure is an ancient tradition of natural medicine from Japan.  Jin Shin is a gentle and non-invasive art known as the art of “healing and helping myself”.  Jin Shin shares many similar concepts with acupuncture; however, there are no needles involved.  The practitioner performs an energetic pulse assessment to find areas of imbalance that are not necessarily obvious.  The practitioner then works on certain meridians or acupressure points to rebalance the body’s energy.

 BOWEN THERAPY:  Bowen therapy aims to balance and empower the body’s own healing resources.  It aims to help the structural, functional and over-all wellbeing of the animal.  Sessions embrace physical, emotional and chemical aspects while creating deep relaxation and homeostasis at a cellular level.  Specific movements over muscle, nerve, tendon and connective tissue resetting the autonomic nervous system and giving the body the freedom to rebalance itself and return to its natural state.

 REFLEXOLOGY:Reflexology is a natural healing art that stimulates the reflexes throughout the body.  Reflex areas throughout the body correspond with different parts of the body. It is great for starting the natural healing responses of the body and restoring balance and normal function.

 REIKI:This therapy is a very gentle, well known form of body energy work.  It aims to relieve the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of “blockages”.  Practitioners work with the chakra systems, the auric field and the body’s meridians to clear and restore the body, giving back its ability to properly facilitate much of its own healing.

 IRIDOLOGY: Iridology uses the eye as a map for existing imbalances in the body.  The eye itself is a map of the zones of the body and each zone represents a part/system and function.  The practitioner reads the markings in the iris to get a picture of the integrity of the body.

 CHIROPRACTICS:Chiropractics is another holistic approach to aid in the well-being of our animal friends.  Chiropractics involves the manipulation of the spine to return misaligned bones/vertebrae to their correct position.  There are many different techniques and each are used to restore the body to natural movement and position.

 STONE/CRYSTAL THERAPIES: The energy and healing properties of the stone/crystals are used to aid in the bodies healing.  The stones/crystals are used for many different aspects of healing, both physical and emotional.

 EMOTIONAL FREEDOM RELEASE TECHNIQUE (EFT): Emotional Freedom Release Technique is a sequence of tapping certain acupressure/acupuncture points to free the emotion from the body and get the body’s meridians flowing freely again.  We all know animals have emotions. Negative emotional balance can and will affect the mental and  physical state of an animal, causing the bodies energy to be unbalanced.  It can be used for many emotional issues (nervousness etc) as well as physical.

 The list of therapies and alternative modalities is endless, and these are but a few.  There is also Homeopathy, Herbology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs/Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and Flower essences, many, many therapies worth researching and speaking with veterinarians, practitioners and therapists.  There are many people out there trying to help improve the well-being and lives of animals and to each we say “Thank you”.

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