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In memory of "HOBO"
"Hobo" was a stray dog found running loose in St. Jacobs on January 23, 2006.
A young male Belgium Shepherd cross, Hobo had a fantastic temperament, obvious obedience training, appeared well-socialized, and showed himself to be great with other dogs and with children during his brief time with us. His only obvious problem was an ear infection, likely caused by a poor diet and exposure to the elements, which was definately treatable and did not appear to be causing Hobo any discomfort.

Due to the fact that he appeared extremely adoptable, and because a temporary/emergency foster home could not be found for Hobo during the hours after he was turned in at our store by a client who had observed him as a stray in the area for a few days, Hobo was surrendered to the KW Humane Society for treatment and adoption if his owners were not located, with instructions that if his owners were not located/new home not found, to please contact us. We mistakenly had no concerns about Hobo's safety at the humane society and felt we had done what was best for Hobo to ensure he received the care that he needed and a chance at happiness once again.

Hobo was a kind and gentle soul whom,  in our opinion, was considered highly adoptable due to his young age, wonderfully gentle temperament, excellent "canine good citizen" manners and other than the ear infection, apparent good health. We placed Hobo with the Humane Society in trust and faith that Hobo would be treated for his ear infection and given a chance to either find his owners or find a new home through adoption. We provided the humane society with an extensive assessment report that was based on his short time with us that day, including a request to keep up informed of his progress and status.

When we later phoned the humane society to inquire about Hobo's status, we were informed that
Why? We were told that his ear infection made him un-adoptable!
THIS DOG SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED merely because of an ear infection!

 A precious life stolen in a matter of days by a "less than humane" society.

We have vowed, in memory of Hobo,  to do whatever is humanly possible, with the help of many of our friends and associates, to ensure that any stray/homeless pets found in our community are provided with a safe haven, filled with hope. As a  "haven of hope", we will be the first stop for these  "hobo" animals, on their journey towards being placed with a rescue group if their owners are not found/do not come forward. We are not a rescue group....we are rescue assistants, working with a variety of Ontario rescue groups to assist with the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of homeless pets.


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