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CanEVA™- K9 Benefits for Animal Use

Animals also suffer from arthritis and joint pains as their owners. CanEVA-K9 for animals is a natural, scientifically proven relief for animal arthritic pain.

Considering that hip dysplasia, a common ailment of many types of dogs, can render an animal immobile, prevention is key to a healthy animal.


Each bottle contains 15 gm of pure Elk Velvet Powder and a
1/4 gm (250 mg) plastic scoop.
1 to 3 scoops daily (level scoop = 250mg) (can also use human
 Dogs up to 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) 1 scoop daily (or one capsule)
 Dogs 30 lbs to 75 lbs. (34 kg) 2 scoops daily (or two capsules)
 Dogs over 75 lbs (>34 kg) 3 scoops daily (or three capsules)

CanEVA-K9 can also be given to felines using ½ a scoop a day.

You simply sprinkle the powder on their food or give them a capsule
like a treat on its own or in peanut butter or cheese.


Comprehensive essential fatty acid source for cats and dogs with added potent antioxidant base. Healthy supply of active omega-3 and essential omega-6 fats which cannot be supplied at requisite levels in dry, processed foods. The body cannot manufacture these essential fats; they must be supplied abundantly by the diet, providing the body with substrates for hormones and cell membrane structure.
Use daily as part of a disease prevention or health support program.
*Add one pump per 4.5 kg/10 pounds of animal per day to dry or wet food


NUTRITION INFORMATION - Per 1 Pump (1000 mg) (per 4.5 kg /10 lbs. of animal)
515 mg - EssentialVector: Organic cold-pressed flaxseed and hempseed oils(linoleic acid, alpha linolenic acid)
463 mg - MarineVector: Molecular distilled wild salmon and krill oils (DHA, EPA, linolenic acid, linoleic acid)
5 I.U. - AntioxVector: Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol ), sage extract (oleoresin sage), DHA-rich phosphatidyl choline (43 mg), arachidonic acid-rich phosphatidyl choline (42 mg), taurine (5 mg) , alpha lipoic acid (R+)
20 mg - TransportVector base: organic extra virgin olive oil and purified oleic acid complex, BioaminopeptaseTM
Rich supply of: linoleic acid (LA), alpha linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA),
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and arachidonic acid.
Macronutrient Profile:       Protein: <1%     Carbohydrate: <1%     Fat: 99+%
Cats are true carnivores, requiring meat and animal products in their diets. Dogs are omnivores, consuming a combination of high-protein foods (meat) and vegetation. The amino acid requirements for dogs and cats are similar, with the exception of taurine, essential only for cats, but the status of essential fatty acids differs more. Cats require dietary sources of the (omega-6) fats arachidonic acid and linoleic acid. Dogs only require linoleic acid and produce all others from this single one. Humans differ again by requiring both linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha linolenic acid (omega-3). Therefore, fat proportions in supplements designed for humans are not appropriate for feline and canine supplementation.

BioFATS is complete, delivering preformed omega-3 fats from marine oils while supporting the omega-6 requirements for canine and feline health. This incredible formulation includes krill oil which supplies natural brain food such as phosphatides and powerful breakthrough marine antioxidants. The added marine oils are carefully selected molecular-distilled variations for maximum purity and potency, eliminating toxic levels of cadmium, mercury, lead, PCBs, organophosphates, and organochlorines. These seed fat sources are organic and cold-pressed.

*All claims supported by extensive scientific referencing

Joint regenerative and anti-inflammatory; cartilage and synovium building bocks with cell activators and essential vitamin and mineral support.
Use daily as part of a joint regenerative and anti-inflammatory program or as a preventive program for senior (5+ years) and active animals.
*Add one scoop per 10 pounds of animal per day to dry or wet food

NUTRITION INFORMATION - Per Scoop (5g) (per 4.5 kg /10 lbs. of animal)
35 mg - FlamaVector: Boswellia serrata (40% boswellic acid), R+ alpha lipoic acid, n-acetyl cysteine, grapeseed extract (95% proanthocyanidins)
485 mg - CartilageVector: methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine sulfate, proline
300 mg - PeptideVector: Cold filtered cross-flow membrane isolated whey peptides
175 mg - GlutamineVector: Glutamine peptides, free-form glutamine, alanyl-glutamine dipeptide
125 mg - EnzymeVector: Bromelain 1000 GDU, Papain 3000 MCU, pancreatic lipase, aspergillus oryzae enzyme yield [broad cross section of lipases, proteases and amylases]
86mg - CofactorVector: calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, manganese citrate, potassium citrate, zinc citrate, vitamin C (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate), vitamin E (alpha tocopheryl succinate), vitamin A (Palmitate), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), selenomethionine
Non-Medicinal Base: 3794mg
Ground flaxseed, free-range chicken meat powder, soy extract powder, whole egg powder, organic whole apple powder, purified apple pectin, fructo- oligosaccharides, taurine, BioaminopeptaseTM (proprietary carrier peptides: facilitate nutrient delivery).
Macronutrient Profile:       Protein: 33.5%     Carbohydrate: 38.3%     Fat: 11.0%    GAG: 6.3%

High Potency Powdered Format for Maximum Absorption

BioJOINT is more than a passive supply of glucosamine and other joint tissue building blocks. It is a distinctly complex and carefully engineered formula, supplying nitric oxide regulators, chondrocyte activators, and powerful herbal anti-inflammatory ingredients. Here is a snapshot of how it works: Chondrocytes are cells that manufacture cartilage building bocks (proteoglycans and collagen) from glucosamine and other essential nutrients. Without chondrocyte activators, glucosamine supplementation is futile. The aging body loses its capacity to produce internal antioxidants and poor antioxidant status contributes to nitric oxide mis-regulation, interfering with chondrocyte cartilage production, thus inhibiting cartilage reconstruction. BioJOINT includes the research-documented strategy of precise antioxidant activity with the right glucosamine combination and carefully selected, correctly proportioned nitric oxide regulators.

Sulfur is a key component of the cartilage protein cross-linking and anti-inflammatory protection. Without this essential mineral, complete tissue regeneration is not possible. The significantly less expensive glucosamine hydrochloride may work for young animals with joint damage but not for antioxidant-deprived animals (undernourished, stressed, or senior years). Research supports the use of the more costly glucosamine sulfate, which is crucial for structural support. It is also important for nitric oxide regulation in joints. A precisely proportioned dose of chondroitin further supports the activation of joint regeneration. In addition, this nutraceutical technology includes the natural potency of COX enzyme inhibition for powerful anti-inflammatory activity without the common gastrointestinal dangers associated with ASA-containing drugs and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

Therapeutic Use:
Administer daily to animals with stiff or injured joint tissue including hip dysplasia.
Preventive Use:
   Senior Animals: Administer at label recommended dose for senior animals (5+ years) to prevent joint deterioration and eliminate pain associated with age-related wear.
   Sporting Animals: Administer at label recommended dose but only two to three times weekly to support joint tissue recovery and prevent premature wear.


*All claims supported by extensive scientific referencing





Each package comes with 12 Pawz Protective Dog Boots for convenience to replace one at a time as they wear.
Each size comes in its own color:
XXS - yellow, XS- orange, S- red, M- black, L- purple, XL- green.


  • Waterproof
  • Bends & flexes with Paw
  • Guaranteed to stay on
  • Biodegradable & Disposable
  • Serious Paw Protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Dogs Love Them
  • Vet and Groomer endorsed
Pawz Protective Dog Boots
Dog boots that slip on, and stay on! Pawz are the world's only reusable and disposable, natural rubber dog boots. They are designed to go on easily and to fit securely without zippers, straps, or Velcro. Pawz dog boots offer serious paw protection against snow melt and salt, lawn chemicals, mud, water, sand, dry grass, fire ants, etc. Use Pawz boots to keep your dog from injuring his paws or to help protect injured paws or pads so that they can heal. You can even use Pawz to protect your pool liner from tears if you let your dog swim in your pool. Pawz boots can also be used in the house to help older dogs and dogs with mobility problems "get a grip" on ceramic and hardwood floors.

Pawz are the most natural-feeling boots your dog can wear because the material is so thin that your dog can feel the texture of the ground he's stepping on, providing him with a sense of security. They also bend with your dog's paws. And, imagine never losing another expensive dog boot again—Pawz stay on! Pawz dog boots are a perfect addition to your performance dog's first aid kit.

Also ideal indoors for protecting your hardwood floors and providing traction and security for dogs to prevent slippage and injuries on slippery flooring.

  • ICE & SNOW
  • SALT
  • SAND


  • Coat Conditioner

  • Cuts Grooming Time

  • Tangle Remover & Prevention

  • Repels Dirt, Dust and Urine

  • pH controlled/Acid Balanced

  • Non Toxic/Hypoallergenic

  • For All Breeds in all seasons

The Stuff Coat Conditioner Ready to Use 16 oz.


The Stuff for Dogs Coat Conditioner
An extraordinary coat conditioner and protectant that's a favourite amongst pet groomers and professionals. 

The Stuff, a coat conditioning process for dogs, cuts grooming time by half. It detangles and even repels dirt, dust and urine. A light spray goes a long way toward restoring the natural beauty of your dog's coat, whatever its length. Can be applied directly to mats for brushing out.

  • 16 fl. oz. spray bottle.
  • pH controlled and acid balanced.
  • Nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

       Replacement Batteries

    Pet Blinkers©

    KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE! Pet Blinkers are lightweight and easily clip onto your pet’s collar. Ideal for child safety too! Just clip on zipper pull, belt loop, bikes & more. High NIGHT VISIBILITY-can be seen up to 1/2 mile.

    Waterproof, replaceable batteries included, easily turns on/off. 1 year warranty.

    A must-have item for walking, camping, cottages, or enjoying the great outdoors at night, giving you the added security of knowing you and your loved ones are visible and identifiable to oncoming traffic. 
    $8.99 each Regular size or $9.99 each Large Breed Size
    Special offer 2/$15
    Replacement batteries (12/card) $3.99 per card


    Car Seat Hammocks $39.99-$59.99

    The Best Prevention From Pet Damage

    Full size Hammock Car Seat Covers protect the upholstery of rear car seats to reduce the need for costly upholstery cleanings or repairs. Fully covers the back seat, floor area and the back of the front seats.

    The unique hammock style helps to keep pets safely in the back seat. Seat cover is constructed with heavy-duty, scratch-resistant 600 denier nylon fabric, with one model including covers to protect headrests. The adjustable straps attach around the car seat and headrest while additional straps on the back side help secure the hammock to the seats. Folds flat for easy storage. Measures 56'' from door to door and 59'' from back to front seat.

    Cover unzips to allow a passenger to sit alongside pet. Installs easily into cars or SUVs that have front and rear headrests, and is machine washable. 

    Multi-Use Covers Protect Upholstery
    in Cars and in Homes

    A great way to protect car seats and furniture upholstery from pet hair, stains, and dirt with our Multi-Use Covers. Covers feature woven cotton and polyester tapestry in a popular dog print backed by black polyester fleece. Elastic straps and ties on back make it easy to secure to the vehicle's rear seat. Universal 55 1/2"L x 42"W size fits most popular car models. Includes nylon straps with Velcro® tabs for securing rolled up cover for storage and transport. Can also be used as a blanket or throw to protect sofas and chairs.
    Other styles and sizes also available. From $39.99

    Car Seat Organizers $19.99

    Eliminate Car Clutter Car Seat Organizer

    Paw print Car Seat Organizer hangs over any headrest and rounds up all those loose pet supplies, toys, and treats. Made from durable, easy-clean nylon, the organizer has two see-through mesh pockets, two Velcro® pockets, carrying handles, and a Velcro® closure. Colors and cute pawprints inside and out. Car Seat Organizers are available in a variety of colors.


    Matching Pawprint Travel Bowls $6.99

    Pet Journeys Made Easier with Our Pawprint Travel Bowl

    Holding more than two quarts of food or water, our waterproof  Pawprint Travel Bowls fold flat for packing and storage. They are made from durable, easy-clean nylon and have a special loop that allows them to attach onto leash or belt for walking, or hang for air drying when not in use. Measures 7 1/2"L x 7"W x 5 1/4"H when open. Fashionable colors and paw-print decals coordinate with other equipment in the line. Pawprint Travel Bowls are available in a variety of colors.

    Bone Shaped Braided Rugs $19.99

    Add a Whimsical Touch to Any Home

    Our attractive and practical Bone Shaped Braided Rugs offer a fun home accent that displays a love of dogs. Stain-resistant, durable polypropylene is perfect for heavy traffic areas. Also great under dog dishes and diners. Machine washable. Rugs measure 30"L x 18"W and are available in a variety of colors.

    The Pet Saver™ Life Jackets

    High performance dog flotation device for boating, water sport adventures and other outdoor activities with dogs. Provides flotation and ultimate buoyancy with bright orange color for easy visibility. Design allows fast size adjustment and a flexible comfortable fit. Water repellent Neoprene and Cordura materials provide warmth and protection from abrasion. Available in five sizes to fit most dogs.


    The Quick Release™ Dog BackPacks

    The Quick Release™ Dog BackPacks will give your dog maximum comfort and convenience when hiking with you. The backpack is designed with an adjustable harness and removable pack. Large storage pockets hold food, water and other gear. Made with extra-strong nylon for durability. Quick Release Dog BackPacks feature the "quick release" leash holder for use when approaching other hikers, dogs, or wildlife. Available in four sizes to fit most dogs.

    Bucchi Carry-All Red Bag and 6' Black Leash
    Bucchi Bag Convertible Dog Leash

    The Features:

    • Simple Pocket Design - makes keeping your essentials together easy while with your dog, less bulk, so you are free to run errands on your walk or explore your world without chains.
    • Easy Handle - Part of the bag and an extension of your hand. The handle is strong, but light, so you don't feel "weighted" down.
    • Also a tie-down in which the bag portion is detached - allows you to pop into a store while leaving your dog outside. No more need for leash-tying handiwork around a pole, less chance for your dog to "Houdini" himself out.
    • 6 colors to compliment your existing dog collar or harness
    • 2 leash lengths to choose from to fit your dog strolling needs

    Compostable Biodegradable
    Dog Waste Poop Bags

    Compostable Biodegradable Dog Waste Poop Bags

    Be responsible and environmental; use the biodegradable
    BioBag dog bags that returns to soil along with their
    contents within a couple of months.

    BioBag Dog product details:

    • Supplied in handy packs of 25 bags $4.99
    • Shelf life of several years when stored inside in normal humidity.
    • Compact to carry, pleasant to use - always have some with you.
    • Easy closing - no tying needed (just pull the opposite rim through one of the holes).
    • A popular product sold in many Pet Shops as dog owners who have used the BioBag Dog will continue to use them.
    • For larger orders; purchase 10 or more Biobag pkgs, save 15%

      Advantages of the biodegradable
      and compostable BioBag Dog Waste bags

      • Biodegrades and reduces short and long term littering effects.  BioBag Dog can be disposed and will biodegrade with its contents
      • Can also be treated hygienically in sewage plants with sludge digestion and will biodegrade quickly under these conditions
      • Allow moisture evaporation so contents dries out
      • Are leak proof, allow aerobic biodegradation and prevent smell that occurs when dog waste "ferments" in a closed plastic bag.
      • Can be digested by animals, thus reducing "plastic kills".
      • BioBag Dog is based on corn starch and vegetable oil and does not contain any PE (Polyethylene).
      • BioBag Dog waste bags are certified as compostable according to the European standard EN-13432 (this means that they will biodegrade within 45 days under composting conditions).



    Pet Travel Bowls, Waterers, Food & Treat Bags

    Pet Travel Bowls, Waterers, Food & Treat Bags are perfect for walks, hikes, beaches, camping and vacation travel.

    • OH00562 Fold-A-Bowl w/ Pocket - Assorted colors A compact travel bowl, folds flat with clip that attaches to belt loop or clothing.
    • OH00563 Dispose-A-Bowl 3-pack The convenient disposable bowl for food and water.
    • OH00570 No Spill Bowl - Assorted colors Drawstring closure keeps contents securely inside.
    • OH00575 2 In 1 Food/Water Bowl - Assorted colors Two separate compartments unzip to accommodate both food and water.
    • OH00576 Bottle 'n Bowl Bag - Assorted colors Handy water for both people and pets with adjustable shoulder strap and room for keys and I.D. cards. FREE bowl in pocket. Bottle not included.
    • OH00578 Treat 'n Ball Bag - Assorted colors Ideal for holding balls, treats plus other play and training items. Keeps hands free and contents out of dog's view. Features drawstring to secure contents. With clip and velcro that attaches to belt loop or clothing.




    Purchase for only $79.99


    A harmless Citronella spray collar that conditions your dog to stop nuisance barking, 100% safe for all Dogs, Humans and the Environment. Here's how it works :
    Each time your dog barks, the electronic bark-sensing unit, releases a brisk, citronella spray in front of the dog's snout. Your dog hears it, sees it and most importantly, smells it.

    At the first spray of citronella, your dog's natural curiosity will be to seek the origin of the new odour. The dog will very quickly learn that when he or she barks, Aboistop Sprays! Through this harmless conditioned reflex, Aboistop discourages your dog from barking. Aboistop is the only humane solution to the problem of nuisance barking. Aboistop is a harmless distraction to your dog's senses.

    The citronella spray is 100% safe for all dogs, people and the environment. Aboistop can be used safely on all healthy dogs. Unscented refills also available. Research shows that Aboistop will eliminate nuisance-barking by up to 88%, and dogs will only bark in extreme situations such as emergencies.


    with Chamomile, Marigold & Apple Cider Vinegar

    R-7® Natural Ear Cleaner is a natural alternative to regular ear cleaners. R-7® Natural Ear Cleaner uses the ingredients Chamomile, Marigold & Apple Cider Vinegar to naturally solve the problem of itchy, odorous ears and wax buildup.
    R-7 is well known by natural pet professionals for it's effectiveness in maintaining optimum ear health. Fungus and bacteria infections are usually alkaline. Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic and helps to neutralize the PH, which is essential to prevent bacteria/fungal development. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and anti-bacterial herb that is beneficial in soothing and relieving inflammation and bacterial conditions. Marigold or more commonly known as Calendula, has been used medicinally for centuries. Traditionally, it has been used to treat conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eczema, gastritis, minor burns including sunburns, warts, and minor injuries such as sprains and wounds. Calendula has a high content of flavonoids, chemicals that act as anti-oxidants in the body.



    Formulated for carpets and upholstery, Get Serious! will never leave "yellowing" behind and removes more types of stains than any enzyme-based cleaner. It removes pee, poo, drool, vomit, diarrhea, blood, food, grease, gum and more of the fun things our dogs leave behind. It also removes the pheromones so your dog doesn't remark the same spot. It is biodegradable, nontoxic, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-acidic. If you've got a real serious stain, just warm up the bottle in your microwave before using. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    Nok-Out Odor Remover
    2 - Nok-Out Odor Remover
    Non-Staining, Odorless, Non-toxic

    Nok-Out Odor Remover
    Odor Cleaner - Remove Skunk Smell, Pet Odor, Cat Urine Odor, Any Odor!


    Common Uses For Nok-Out Odor Remover

    • Household Odors

    • Pet, Dog and Cat Odors

    • Skunk Odors

    • Office Odors

    • School Odors

    • Daycare Center Odors

    • Urine Odors

    • Basement Odors

    • Cigarette Smoke Odor (car or house)

    • Carpet Odors

    • Hotel Odors

    • Veterinary Clinic Odors

    • Nursing Home Odors

    • Hospital Odors

    • Locker Room Odors

    • Car / Automobile Odors

    • Laundry Odors


    Nok-Out Odor Remover, Odor Cleaner, Remove Skunk Smell

    Nok-Out Odor Remover eliminates any odor and can be safely used on wide range of tough odor problems. Remove skunk smell, pet odor, cat urine odor, cigarette smoke, decay, mildew and more. These are only a few of the common problem odors that Nok-0ut handles with ease.


    Nok-Out does not mask odors and has no smell. It does not use perfumes, enzymes or harsh, polluting chemicals. Rather, Nok-Out eliminates the source of the odor through an oxidative process that removes the problem forever. Nok-Out is completely safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and highly effective!  


    Nok-Out is available in 16 oz. or 32 oz. spray bottles and 1 gallon refills. Battery operated sprayers (below) are also now available. Most odor problems are treated with Nok-Out by misting or spraying the area and simply letting it dry. As long as Nok-Out comes in contact with the source of the odor it will be gone. For odors that are resulting from a heavily soiled area (i.e. cat urine on a carpet soaked down to the underlay), soak the area down to the source of the odor and let dry. The drying process is important as this is when the odor source is oxidized and eliminated. 


    For pets suffering from skunk spray, apply Nok-Out directly onto the fur, work down to the skin and let dry completely. Thick undercoats should be soaked with Nok-Out to ensure it comes in contact with all of the skunk spray. When it does the skunk smell will be eliminated. Feel free to put Nok-out in your wash to clean items that may have contacted dog urine, cat urine, skunk smell, etc. One-half cup of Nok-Out per wash load should be enough.  Also works great in mop water.

    New pet apparel, gift items, toys and accessories arriving regularly

    NOW HERE!...Fido Fleece & Pedigree Perfection Pet Apparel
    -patented velcro closure on back,  four legged coats & more......ultimate warmth for your pet
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    We offer attractive, ergonomic raised feeders & pet bowls  in a wide variety of sizes and styles!
    View our breed-size chart to assist with choosing the right feeder height for your pet
    View the variety of feeder styles, pet bowls, treats jars, and feeding accessories available


    Browse our newly expanded selection of domestic bird food, treats, & Wildbird seeds

    L'il Pals NEW Too! Fashion line
    Add a touch of gorgeous yet affordable sparkle for your special pet with our newly expanded line of
    L'il Pals fashion collars, leads & harnesses -perfectly suited for small to extra small dogs or puppies.
    Some are adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals- jewels that will keep their beautiful luster for years, adding sparkle to your pet.

    New from Doggles: DOGG walking harnesses
    - a soft safe, stain resistant micro fiber harness with a velcro closure for easy use.
    These are available for sizes Teacup to Small

    New toys arrive regularly


    Keep pets warm with our wide variety of coats,
    sweaters, boots & more! Many of these items are unique and not commonly found in larger generic stores. All at very affordable pricing! Sizes XXXS to XXXL are sure to meet the needs of your furry friends both tiny and tall!



    QUALITY PET FOOD & SUPPLIES for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

    We also offer:



    PET SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES for Dogs, Cat & Small Animals
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